Hear See Visual concert series #2

<<Hear See Visual Concert Series #2>>
16 June @ 20.00    (in collaboration with NyMusikk)
Chris Brokaw with Peter Hutton silent films + Golden Oriole with visuals by Iver Findlay

Hear See is a visual concert series at RIMI/IMIR that presents a cross pollination between live music and visual mediums, where one can see the sound and hear the sights.

#2 includes Chris Brokaw with Peter Hutton silent films and a new collaboration between the band Golden Oriole (Kristoffer Riis and Thore Warland) and artist Iver Findlay.

American Guitarist and composer Chris Brokaw will play a live score in reference to a program of Peter Hutton silent films of landscapes and cities.  In addition to his solo career Brokaw was previously in the bands Come and Codeine.

Chris Brokaw is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and film composer based in Boston. Perhaps best known for his pioneering work with the bands CODEINE and COME, since 2002 Chris has released over a dozen solo albums of instrumental and vocal musics, composed music for film and dance, and worked as an accompanist to THURSTON MOORE, STEVE WYNN, EVAN DANDO, CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE, RHYS CHATHAM, JOHNNY DEPP and GG ALLIN. He currently plays in THE NEW YEAR, THE MARTHA’S VINEYARD FERRIES, THE EMPTY HOUSE COOPERATIVE, and THE LEMONHEADS, and in duos with GEOFF FARINA and LORI GOLDSTON. Chris performed with 200 guitarists under the tutelage pf Rhys Chatham at Lincoln Center; one of 77 drummers in the Boredoms’ epic 77BOADRUM in Brooklyn; and with Dirtmusic at the Festival In The Desert in Essakane, Mali. chrisbrokaw.com

  2017 saw the vinyl reissue of his collaboration with poet Holly Anderson “The Night She Slept With A Bear” on Jellyfant Records, as well as his 2008 cd “Canaris” issued on vinyl on Omentum Records, as well as a cd of classical guitar interpretations of David Bowie and Prince songs, “The Hand That Wrote This Letter”, on Capitan Records. 2018 will see a new solo album on VDSQ and a new album from Martha’s Vineyard Ferries. The debut lp on 12XU of CHARNEL GROUND (CB with James McNew and Kid Millions) came out April 6. 



«A heavy-handed stab at modern beat-heavy funk music, punched home with a sneering absurdist attitude and many abrasive, assaultive elements..» -The Sound Projector

«We’re experiencing maybe the most alienated take on despair and mournfulness we’ve come across for ages, before a clumsy, robotic funk groove adds up more puzzling weirdness.  Truly unique.»  – Nite Styles

«Jungle drumming and scrawking bass undulations collide with tearing guitars, weird synth incidentals and all kinds of other extraneous sound effects to create a sonic experience that’s quite bewildering.  It’s musical mayhem.  A cacophony of quality.»   – Aural Aggravation