Collection of Lovers – Raquel André

Raquel André
9+10 March @ 19.00


Raquel André is a collector of rare things. 

In Lisbon, Ponta Delgada, Rio de Janeiro, Loulé, Minde, Paredes de Coura, Sever do Vouga, Ovar, Manaus and Barreiro, she has collected over 137 meetings and counting (up til November 2017). People of all nationalities, genders and ages have accepted to meet her at someone’s flat, and for an hour, to construct a fictional intimacy to be captured in memory and photographs. In each city that the performance travels, it collects more lovers and accumulates new meetings. The photographs and details of these meetings are the contents of a performance that tells a story about what this collection of relationships may mean. Just what are we looking for when we meet someone? In the age of e-mail, facebook, instagram, tinder, and grinder, we have all become experts at faking intimacy.

We post what we eat, who we kiss, where we go, what we’re thinking and reading, what we like and dislike – all translated into views, likes, and comments.

Raquel’s collection is the results of an obsessive fascination with the terabytes of information that exist in each minuscule movement of another person. It is a reflection on intimacy that is explored one-to-one and amplified for the stage, all real and all fake. Each time the door opens for a new lover, Raquel André dives into an abyss that is the other, and reality and fiction merge. Each encounter is real. The flirtation is real. The intimacy may feel more real than fiction. And Raquel, the obsessive collector, holds on to the moments of each meeting, the rare objects of her peculiar collection, ephemeral and infinite.

This work is part of your project Collection of People: Collection of Lovers, Collection of Collectors, Collection of Artists and Collection of Spectators.


Created by António Pedro Lopes, Bernardo de Almeida e Raquel André

Music noiserv

Lighting designer Rui Monteiro 

Lighting designer on tour Carin Geada 

Sound Design João Neves

Production Mónica Talina

Photos Credits Tiago de Jesus Brás