Alpine Those Myriads: Concert/Live Music

Alpine Those Myriads:  Concert/Live Music (in collaboration with ZANG)
24.02  @  21.00

– Art rock, nervy electro, tumultuous adventures, psychedelic blizzards, dark ballads, hypnotic drones and possibly more are combined to form their own “kaleidoscopic music” –

Since last time the norwegian band Alpine Those Myriads visited Stavanger, the bands composer and lead musician since 2001, Gypus Chelofan, has chosen to set sail completely alone to explore and develop the rich musical world that the band are known for in a more compact monster.

Alpine Those Myriads have put out 4 albums and 3 EPs thus far. On the debut album “Yr Royal Jetlag Gospel” (2003), legendary outsider-artist Daniel Johnston graced the song “Love is a fascist invention” with a poetic monologue. On the EP “Top syd turvye” (2014), they had the pleasure of being remixed by Jamie Stewart from the band Xiu Xiu. Funeral sounds wrote about this EP: “The music is like a haunted house, surprises at every turn. It’s impossible not to pay attention.” Their latest album, “Visions & Disorders” was released in fall 2017.