Artistry and Technology Presentation by Fabrice Moinet

17. OCTOBER @ 13.00 – 16.00
Artist Presentation by Fabrice Moinet

We will register attendees at entrance due to the corona situation.

Rimi/Imir Scenekunst welcomes you to a Artistry and Technology Presentation by Fabrice Moinet.Fabrice will talk about his work as a sound designer and how he approaches the multi-diffusion of sound during these last years, presenting some of the electronic solutions he’s developed for projects that use wireless multi-channel audio including his work with micro controllers and radio transmitters/ receivers. Using different strategies and technologies in his participative work, Fabrice will answer questions and share his thoughts about soundscape and live performances. It will be an informal gathering with some soup and open dialog with Fabrice and his recent work.

Fabrice Moinet (FR/BE) is a sound designer, sound engineer and software programmer. Born in France, and currently living in Stamsund, Fabrice studied mathematics and science at the university in Bordeaux while always involved in music and working with musicians. During his studies he started focusing on acoustics and received the training to be a sound engineer. For several years, he was a forum member of IRCAM and taught at the National Audiovisual Institute in Paris and was invited to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Since 2006 Fabrice has collaborated with Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki/ Fieldworks-productions ‘You are Here’, ‘Field Works-hotel’, ‘Field Works-office’, ’nothings for something’, ‘Borrowed Landscape’, ‘as if nothing has been spinning around for something to remember’ and ’THE OTHEROOM’.

He has also made the installation ‘Invisible Landscape’ with Christelle Fillod in 2015 and frequently works for other choreographers such as Constanza Macras and Myriam Van Imshoot, and Teater Nor (Stamsund).