Burning Axis (NO)

18. December @ 21.00 (doors open @ 20.00)
Burning Axis (NO) 
Tickets: 150kr/ 100Kr student


Burning Axis

Burning Axis are Jan Christian Lauritzen on guitar (Hellfire, No Balls, Noxagt), Nils Erga on viola (Tørrfall, Findlay//Sandsmark, ex-Noxagt) and Thore Warland on drums (Tørrfall, Golden Oriole, Staer).

“What if this isn’t an instance of suppressed intensity, but more the echoes of a former catastrophe? And so the guitars tremble with the residue of a former tectonic rupture; the drums reenact explosions through muffled thumps and peripheral washes of cymbal fire; the viola drags the translucent memory of a missile as it soars overhead. Burning Axis are perpetuators of an ancient myth, fraught with the dissonance of compounded conjecture as they whisper their dramatic retelling. Sometimes their evocation feels a little too real, and just how the re-enactment of a ritual can reawaken the dormant spirits of the past, this music regularly risks puncturing a hole through which mythic history can emerge into the present. Take the cyclone of drones that pirouettes through the centre of “Sacrificial Day”, which even sounds like a portal ripping open between here and elsewhere. Are Burning Axis fully aware of the forces they’re playing with here?” – JACK CHUTER, ATTN:MAGAZINE