Concert + LP release: Kjetil Brandsdal & Thore Warland + Gaute Granli SOLO

Concert + LP release: Kjetil Brandsdal & Thore Warland + Gaute Granli SOLO
25. March @ 20.00 (doors open @ 19.00)

Rimi/Imir are presenting (in collaboration with Zang): 

Kjetil Brandsdal & Thore Warland will celebrate their new LP release on Drid Machine Records the 25th of March at Rimi/Imir Scenekunst. They will play a brand new set of hypnotic pleasures and their new shimmering record will be for sale. Gaute Granli will also perform his dizzying and fascinating solo set. A night of true glamour!  

Kjetil Brandsdal & Thore Warland played their first concert at Rimi/Imir 

Scenekunst the 11th of June, 2021. This resulted in a live-record and the 

launch of a new LP series on Drid Machine Records. All releases will 

feature covers with exclusive hand-printed screen prints and foil designs from Drid Machine and Bokbinderiet Erland in Stavanger. 

With record players, live-looping, various sound effects and a large ensemble of percussive objects, they move the music slowly into a foggy and aimless flow of time. Known from bands like Noxagt, No Balls, Ultralyd, Staer, Golden Oriole and Burning Axis, they have in this duo-format developed a new and unexpected soundscape. A simultaneous stream of multi-folded repetitious rhythms and melodies spin into a magnetic pool of confusing harmony. 

Gaute Granli 

The churning and grating of unknown presences in a field of indeterminacy are the bulk of Gaute Granli’s disorienting one-man choir, where moans distorted by their own reverberation are sustained by the trickling and pounding of unseen forces. A new state of presence, welcoming heightened sensory lashings that leave a strange, indelible mark.