M.A.R.S – Felix Mathias Ott in collaboration with Bahar Temiz

by Felix Mathias Ott
in collaboration with Bahar Temiz

31. Aug/ 1. Sept @ 20.00

Choreography and performance: Felix Mathias Ott, Bahar Temiz
Sound: Bojan Gagic

Felix and Bahar keep the spirit of being two individuals consenting on certain ways of relating to each other. Within that relation; they are reinventing themselves and create entangled tales through their re-membered bodies. They meet as equal partners in a playground where two bodies are put in an unfurling state.

After collaborating with Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agulló on M.O.N.D (Meditation on Non-Destruction), Felix Mathias Ott invited Bahar Temiz to collaborate on M.A.R.S.

On M.A.R.S, Felix and Bahar examine the conditions of moving together. As instruments of an atypical score, they navigate from one situation to another with a sense of complicity. While waltzing around the walls of intimacy, they create a playground where one can offer one’s self to the other. They intend to create a dividual quality conceived as dispersion. M.A.R.S becomes a way of framing certain rules and obstacles that put Felix and Bahar in friction while they keep being inspired by that previous work. They take off from their gendered bodies and seek for a relation that can go beyond narration and become an abstracted emotional landscape.

They embody animate and inanimate entities, swerve and diverge in order to investigate the gap that divides them, which is an autonomous third element, a force that has its own dynamics and rules.

Concept and performance: Felix Mathias Ott, Bahar Temiz
Sound design: Bojan Gagic
Light design: Bojan Gagic, Felix Mathias Ott
Production Management:  Inge Zysk
Production: Felix Mathias Ott
Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin, BIT Teatergarasjen Bergen,
Student Centre of the University of Zagreb – Culture of Change
in the frame of APAP- Performing Europe 2020.
In collaboration with workspacebrussels.