Free Lunch with Fabrice Moinet and Ludger Orlok

Free Lunch with Fabrice Moinet (FR/NO) and Ludger Orlok (DE)
08 September from 13:00 – 14:30

Get together for an informal chat and ‘free lunch’ with the artists  Fabrice Moinet  and his collaborators who are visiting RIMI/IMIR with the performance “The Time Difference of Arrival” performing on 9 and 10 September as well as Ludger Orlok, an artist   visiting from Berlin working in residence in Stavanger.

“Free lunch with…” is RISK’s open and discursive meeting point for the Stavanger community to connect with visiting artists. There’s also food (free). The event is free and open for all, but requires a sign-up via ticketco (so we know how much food to prepare and share).

Fabrice Moinet (FR/NO)
The “Time difference of arrival” project is a performance in investigating the aspect of the traveling time of sound. Guest artists with different sound practices are invited to experiment and revisit their own sound practice with a multi-channel setup in a large space. This piece is questioning the relativity of our perception and how the space could be revealed from sound and music perspectives.

Ludger Orlok (DE)
In the frame of the “Umweltstipendium”, Künstlerhaus Lukas / Ahrenshoop, in collaboration with RIMI/IMIR SceneKunst

How does contact with the environment occur and how does a relationship develop?
This lunch meeting will provide insight into my current Master’s thesis in Clinical Psychology with a slightly different focus on the professional identity development of fishermen at the former East German Baltic Sea.