Gorrlaus #1 Folk MUSIC series (curated by Anders hana)

Gorrlaus #1 Folk MUSIC series (curated by Anders hana)
w/ Knut Hamre and Benedicte Maurseth
21. March @ 20.00

Harding Fiddle Concert and release party with Knut Hamre and Benedicte Maurseth

It’s an honor to let the great Knut Hamre from Granvin in Hardanger open the new Stavanger folk music series Gorrlaus. Knut Hamre has been active since the 1980s, releasing a number of albums and touring around the world. He has won Landskappleiken (Class A) seven times, and has received numerous prestigious awards. In 2017 he was appointed Commander of the Order of St. Olav for his contribution to Norwegian folk music.

In addition to being an active performing folk musician, Knut has spent a lot of time with students, sharing his wealth of musical knowledge. Last year the monumental collection “Slåttar frå Granvin” (Fiddle tunes from Granvin) was released, consisting of a book and four CDs, containing 97 traditional slåttar played by Knut.

Benedicte Maurseth has been a student of Knut’s for 24 years and counting. In addition to playing traditional music from Hardanger, she is also a composer. Maurseth borrows musical structures and tonality from folk music for her own work, for example on her solo album “Alde”.

Benedicte has worked with musicians such as Nils Økland, Gabriel Fliflet, Sigbjørn Apeland, Kristin Skaare, Åsne Valland Norli and Stein Urheim. She plays in the band Tidekverv, and has also collaborated with author Jon Fosse.

Tonight also marks the release of her new solo album. We can’t wait!   Welcome!

Gorrlaus is a concert series that will present traditional folk music, along with music that takes tonal and rhythmic elements from folk music to create something new.

Gorrlaus is supported by Stavanger Kommune.