Concert – Mark Morgan (US), Gaute Granli (NO), Kjetil Brandsdal (NO)

Concert w/ Mark Morgan (sightings), Gaute Granli, Kjetil Brandsdal
27. September @ 20.00

Mark Morgan is best known as the guitarist/vocalist of Sightings ● a Brooklyn band that operated on the boundaries of rock, noise, and avant-garde sounds. During their 15 years of existence they released critically acclaimed albums on Load Records, Ecstatic Peace! and Dais Records, to name a few. Mark Morgan has since been working in Silk Purse with appearances in To Live and Shave in LA and collaborations with Aaron Dilloway, among others. 2018 sees the release of his first solo record on Open Mouth Records ● a label run by Bill Nace (Body/Head).

Mark was included in the Spin Magazine 100 best guitar players ever: “While pretty much every noise musician uses the guitar as a weapon of mass destruction, Mark Morgan of scuzz-worshippers Sightings uses his guitar for sheer negation. Playing in 50 shades of gray on found and borrowed pedals, the leader of this longtime Brooklyn noise band is quicker to sound like a vacuum humming, toilet flushing, or scrambled cable porn feed than Eric Clapton or even Thurston Moore; a unique sound that has all the emotion of punk, with none of its recognizable sounds. As he told the blog Thee Outernet: “Probably the biggest influences on my playing style is sheer fucking laziness and to a slightly lesser degree, a certain level of retardation in grasping basic guitar technique.” -Spin

GAUTE GRANLI used to play guitar and shout in Skadne Krek and Freddy The Dyke. Now he focuses mainly on his solo project where he explores a range of abstract and bizarre territories. He combines chanting, guitar, a range of effects with analog sampling and creates a dark and industrial sound. The music is freely improvised as well as composed. He’s got two tape albums out here on Skussmaal: Velkommen til Forus and Ingen Potetsekk Whatsoever. His third solo album is an LP/CD called Animalskt, released in 2017 on Drid Machine Records and Unhinged. Drid Machine Records has also released a split 12”EP with Gaute Granli and Clifford Torus.

“He moans vocally and wordlessly into an echo chamber with sinister intent; his guitar throws out shapeless strums and aimless riffs like a baboon casting coconuts from a tree; and percussion effects stumble blindly about the room like a hooded goblin.” Ed Pinsent – The Sound Projector

“I get the impression that even if I was a native Norwegian I still wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of what’s eating Gaute Granli.” “!!! Mysterious Norwegian Melty Man Fall-Down-The-Stairs skronk industrial meltdown” -Load-In

“Showcasing his chamaleonesque stylistic choices in guitar performance and noise experimentation, Granli evokes material hailing from Gregorian Chant to Beefheart seamlessly in only a handful of tracks. An almost inconscient yet humongous industrial finger print bridges his sonic potpurri together; the bridges collapse inevitably after his aural explosion.” -Grownup Music, St Louis

Before playing bass in the Stavanger-based band Noxagt, Kjetil Brandsdal released a number of self-produced records and tapes in the mid to late 90s. “Kjetil D Brandsdal’s early music, documented through a string of self-released cassettes and LPs, alongside high-profile releases on Corpus Hermeticum and Ecstatic Peace!, was some of the most singular sound created in the mid-90s free-noise network. Waterlogged, drowsy, and viscous, his home recordings were often so introverted as to appear suffocating. That was part of their charm; internalized visions secreted through the slow gather of audio information.” – Jon Dale, Dusted Magazine.

Kjetil Brandsdal also runs the screen printing company/record label Drid Machine. Drid Machine Records released Sightings’ final show in Stavanger 2015.