Season Opening w/ ‘Sail Away with Me’- Tormod Carlsen, Burning Axis, and more

1. September 18.00-22.00.
Season Opening fest with ‘Sail Away With Me’ by Tormod Carlsen (NO), concert/live music- Burning Axis (NO) & Anders Hana (NO), ‘the silent part of the ocean’ by Jillian Stein and Elisabeth Gangnes (US), and ‘EKKO’ by Uma Feed Tjelta (NO)

Launch of the fall season program with a spectacular evening: Tormod Carlsen’s ‘Sail Away With Me’ on the RIMI dock, live music sets by Burning Axis and Anders Hana and the performance pieces ‘the silent part of the ocean’ by Jillian Stein and Elisabeth Gangnes, and ‘EKKO’ by Uma Feed Tjelta.

Tormod Carlsen’s ‘Sail Away with Me’ will take place at the RIMI/ IMIR dock on an old, oak boat that he and scenographer Heidi Dalene have restored in collaboration with their associates. After 30 years on land the boat is seaworthy again, but now as a theater boat.

‘Sail Away With Me’ is part of a series of theater events for one audience member at a time entitled <<In The End We Are All Alone>>, this time taking place on a boat, looked on as found architecture and inspired by historical theatrical traditions that used boats as entertainment ships and traveling theaters.

Idea, concept: Tormod Carlsen.  Developed with: Heidi Dalene, Sven Johanson, Melanie Fieldseth, Alf Ollet, Kristin Skiftun.  Illustration by Tormod Carlsen.   Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Oslo Kommune.

Burning Axis are a band from Stavanger, Norway. Drums: Thore Warland (Golden Oriole), Guitar: Jan Christian Lauritzen (Noxagt, No Balls), Viola: Nils Erga (ex-Noxagt).

Anders Hana – Used to play in bands such as Noxagt, Ultralyd, MoHa!, Pokemachine, Blodsprut, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Quintet, Crimetime Orchestra and more. Plays now in Brutal Blues and The End. Will attempt to play some folk music from Årdal, Gudbrandsdal and Setesdal on guitar.

‘the silent part of the ocean’ is a performance piece by Jillian Stein and Elisabeth Gangnes.

“go into feeling
pressure resonates in bones
the ocean will form”

Supported by: Stavanger Kommune

‘EKKO’ by Uma Feed Tjelta. Tjelta writes, “In ‘Ekko’ I revisit my first minutes and the circumstances of my origins and why my mother chose to leave me. I know nothing of that for sure as the head has no clear memories. But I believe the body remembers. Others choices become an echo in my life. A loud silent echo without words. I stage and visualize what the body recalls. I make a funeral room and travel from east to west, from death to life, from mother to mother, from legacy to environment.”

Supported by: Rogaland Fylkeskommune, Fritt Ord, FFUK