Dénombrement (FR) + Hana/ Møster/ Fjordheim (NO)

Dénombrement (FR) (in cooperation with :Zang)
+ Hana/ Møster/ Fjordheim  (NO) + Andreas Soma Book book release Grand Excelsior Principi di Savoia Tubus 
21. September @ 21.00.
Credit: Andreas Soma
Credit: Andreas Soma

Dénombrement is the first collaboration between Stéphane Garin (percussion) and Jean-Philippe Gross (electronics, diffusion). Dénombrement emphasizes different levels of listening: the display between acoustic instrument and sound system, the complementarity of the live performance with its settled/amplified image. The compositional process has started in January 2017. The first acoustic percussion group has been defined, then recorded in a studio and outdoors to decontextualize the percussion. The second group was treated, manipulated then edited to create a third group of fixed sounds. The piece is organized and structured from these three groups, in a frontal and stereophonic relationship.

Jean-Philippe Gross – electronics, diffusion

Stéphane Garin – percussion


New exciting trio. Rumored to be repetitive jazz rock. Kjetil and Anders played formerly in Ultralyd together and now have a new band with notable Børge Fjordheim behind the drums. Børge is known from among others Cloroform and KAADA.

Kjetil Møster: Saxophones

Anders Hana: Baritone guitar

Børge Fjordheim: Drums


Artist Book release: New book from Villhund Forlag #0.02, Andreas Soma, ‘Grand Excelsior Principi di Savoia Tubus’. Drawings and risoprints.

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