Gorrlaus Folk Music Series

Gorrlaus Folk music Series
ånon egeland and anders røine
8 November @20.00

Ånon Egeland – hardingfiddle, fiddle, mout harp, willow flute
Anders Røine – langeleik, hardingfiddle and mouth harp.

Ånon Egeland is a norwegian folk musician and teacher. He plays hardingfiddle, normal fiddle,  mouth harp and a variety of flutes (bone flute, sjøfløyte, double willow flute). He is also known for his comprehensive knowledge of folk music in the county of Agder, and has learned from traditional players such as Andres K. Rysstad, Sigurd Fjellstad, Trygve Eftestøl and Salve Austenå.

Egeland has done numerous record releases, concerts and recordings and received “Spellemannsprisen” award in 1977 for his first album “i heitaste slåtten” (with Per Midtstigen).

Egeland was a key figure in the establishment of the folk music department at “folkehøgskolen in Fagernes”, where he was teaching from 88 to 96. Today he is a lecturer at “Høgskolen i Telemark, institute for folk culture” in Rauland, Vinje.

Egeland will, among other things, play songs he has learned from Andres K. Rysstad from Setesdal and Salve Austenå from Tovdal this evening. This is something we are very much looking forward to. Here you will get a chance to listen to a tonality from a different time.

Anders Røine is, like Ånon Egeland, very concerned with tonality and rhythm. He has for instance created a langeleik together with his brother, Niels Røine, which has movable frets. This makes it possible to approximate the old langeleik scales that existed before the scholars of church organ travelled around in villages in the 19th century and changed the tonality of the langeleik into the 12-tone equal temperament. And thus changing the whole tradition. Røine is, like many musicians playing at Gorrlaus, proficient at playing many instruments. Apart from langeleik he plays hardingfiddle, normal fiddle, mouth harp, guitar, banjo and much more. He is known as a guitar player of the duo Sudan Dudan, plays together with  Hans P. and Rasmus Kjorstad and Hans Hulbækmo in Reolo, received the “Spellemannsprisen” in 2016 for the album “Kristine Valdresdatter”, was elected “folk muscians of the year” during Folkealarmprisen in 2017 and has won landskappleiken numerous times playing mouth harp.

Røine and Egeland will play both solo and together during the concert this evening.