Gorrlaus Folk music Series

Gorrlaus Folk music Series
7. december @ 20.00

Sudeshna Bhattacharya – sarod
Hans P. Kjorstad – hardingfele
Michaela Antalova – drums

Folkevogn is playing meditative, rhythmic and captivating music and combine instruments sarod, hardingfiddle and drums. The repertoir consists of north-indian classical music and folk music from Gubrandsdalen in Norway. The trio is trying to emphasize the simillarities between these two traditions. Apart from links between melodic and rythmic elements there are other deeper rooted parallells – like aural tradition, timbres that are reflections of nature and music being a practical tool in life.

Sudeshna Bhattacharya met Hans P. Kjorstad and Michaela Antalova in the autumn of 2015 whilst teaching indian music at the conservatory in Oslo. Bhattacharya is a real master of the sarod, an instrument with 19 strings and no frets. This makes highly accurate intonation possible, just like the fiddle. She has been taught by Ustad Amjad Ali Kahn who is one of the biggest sarod-gurus of all time. She grew up in Kolkata, went on her first tour in Europe in 1999 and has now recided in Europe for more than 10 years. First in France and later on in Norway.

The fiddler Hans P. Kjorstad grew up in a lively folk music scene in Fron in Gurbrandsdalen. He is capable of playing music with strict form but  is also a highly skilled improviser. Kjorstad is very concerned with tonality and the development of norwegian folk music. At Gorrlaus we had the pleasure of hearing him last spring in a magnificent duo together with his brother, Rasmus Kjorstad.

Slovak drummer and composer Michaela Antalova is currently reciding in Oslo. She leads her own ensemble called Mikoo as well as  touring as a solo percussionist. She is a sought  after drummer both in the improv scene and world music scene. Her musical presence in this group link the indian and norwegian tradition perfectly together.