Season opening fest

Season opening fest
with Tone Kittelsen, Gorrlaus Folk music Series & André Bratten
7. September  @ 19.00 – 23.00

Launch of the fall season program with a great multi-dimensional evening:  Dance artist/choreographer Tone Kittelsen performing part 1+4 from her ‘Frontal Solos’, the Gorrlaus Music Series presenting fiddle duo Tron Steffen Westberg & Jørgen Nyrønning and mouth harp player Thov Wetterhus, and electronic music artist André Bratten.playing with a visual score by Iver Findlay.

Tone Kittelsen will present parts 1 & 4 from her series ‘Frontal Solos’.In the ‘Frontal Solos’ series Kittelsen has been inspired by character building in choreography and movement where costume, popular culture and physics are key elements.

Gorralus Folk Music Series with Tron Steffen Westberg and Jørgen Nyrønning: fiddle, and Thov Wetterhus – mouth harp.

Tron Steffen Westberg is mainly playing music from the Røros area with an emphasis on Brekken, but he is also no stranger to performing hardingfiddle songs from Setesdal and Telemark. Tron Steffen is musical director of Brekken Spellemannslag, member of the group Småviltlaget and plays in the trio Westberg/Haugom/Frostvoll that have also won Landskappleiken several times. He received the Saga-Prize in 1997 and won “kongepokalen” during Landskappleiken in 1999. Tron’s favourite thing is to play to a dancing crowd and he is well known for his distinctive and captivating fiddle playing.

Tron will visit Gorrlaus together with Jørgen Nyrønning, who is also from the Røros area. Holtålen to be more precise. He has released an outstanding solo record on the label Ta:lik.  Jørgen himself says that he plays 17th – century rock’n’roll music from Ålen and the surrounding area. He is otherwise featured as a fiddle player in the band Wardruna. Tron and Jørgen will play both solo and together this evening. There is nothing abnormal if you feel the urge to dance during this concert.

Thov Wetterhus is from Nore in Numedal and has won landskappleiken playing mouth harp no less than seven times. In addition to being one of the most prominent mouth harp players in this very country, he runs his own dairy farm back home in Nore. In an interveiw for the “hallingdølen” newspaper Thov says: “There are few things that surpasses the feeling of letting oneself go and submerge into the music.”

Concert with André Bratten alongside visuals by Iver Findlay.  The pair rejigger their collaboration from this years Øya Festival.  Concert with tracks from Pax America scored with video.