‘o’ death (darker)’ by Findlay/Sandsmark + Pettersen + Firmaet Forvoksen (Thore Warland, Gaute Granli)

SATURDAY 20th of JUNE 21.00 (doors @ 20.30)

‘o’ death (darker)’ by Findlay/Sandsmark + Pettersen w/ guest artists @ RISK (RIMI/IMIR Scenekunst)

Tickets: Free admission with reservation (see info below)

RISK and Findlay//Sandsmark present a re-imagined version of their piece ‘o’ death’ with different guest artist(s) over 5 nights in late-June. The work will be presented in an intimate version for a small audience and also include performances by some of our favorite musical artists.
Each night a different artist will accompany part of the piece as well as play a set in the o’ death landscape.

THURSDAY 18th of June with Erga/Riis/Warland

SATURDAY 20th of JUNE with Firmaet Forvoksen (Thore Warland, Gaute Granli)

THURSDAY 25h of JUNE with Stine Janvin

FRIDAY 26th of JUNE with Noxagt

SATURDAY 27th of JUNE with Nils Henrik Asheim (solo piano)

****Reserve tickets on TIcketco in advance starting 8. June. 40 spots per day. only 2 reservations per person. Please ONLY reserve the number you’ll actually use.

We’ll need the name of the people actually using the tickets to have control over who’s in the building, due to the korona situation. Therefore we ask you to send us the full names on email: info@rimi-imir.no Thank you!

In o’ death we are met with death as a permanent exception, a construction we keep recreating. The result can as much be defined as a performance about life.

(From review at scenekunst.no) http://www.scenekunst.no/sak/levende-om-doden/

o’ death’ by Findlay/Sandsmark/Pettersen premiered in 2015 and has since been performed in several cities both in Norway and USA. Artistically Findlay/Sandsmark/Pettersen in collaboration with visual artist Jason Rogenes, continues a dialogue of how to inhabite a space both scenically, sonically and visually.

Thematically the project reflects on the human ability of physiological adaptation, biocentrisme and its concept of how the human consciousness creates reality, with a question of how we relate to today relate to death.
“Death does not exist, only fear of death”, from Andrej Tarkovsky is maybe more relevant than our traditional perception of life and death.
With a title inspired by the blues singer and pastor JM Gates and his song “O´death where is thy sting” (1920), the performance emerges amongst colossal styrofoam sculptures and mechanical trees where the sound manifests itself physically in movements, objects and lights. With a liberty to ask big questions, o´death is a meditation on life/death and light/darkness.

o’ death is made by Iver Findlay, Marit Sandsmark and Pål Asle Pettersen with Jason Rogenes.

Technical/design assistance: Sander L. Haga, Vegard Ravndal, Jean-Vincent Kerebel. Programing: Dag Egil Njaa. Earlier conversation, rehearsal partner: Helle Siljeholm.

Produced by: Findlay//Sandsmark. Co-producer: Bit-Teatergarasjen, Black Box Teater. Supported by Norsk Kulturråd, Stavanger Kommune, Rogaland Fylkeskommune.

Firmaet Forvoksen
Soft, groovy and disturbing with an elegant touch. Some might call it hot stuff. Firmaet Forvoksen is a new band from Stavanger. The music is improvised and after two years of practice they’re ready to meet an audience.

Gaute Granli – guitar, keyboard, vokal (Skadne Krek, Freddy the Dyke)
Thore Warland – drums (Staer, Golden Oriole, Burning Axis, Tralten eller Utpult)

Stine Janvin
Attempting to commercialise and profit on her own cultural heritage,
Stine Janvin presents a short performance concert with selected
material from her latest stage piece SOLD (a dog and pony show).

Nils Henrik Asheim
Nils Henrik Asheim is known as an award-winning composer and as the organist of Stavanger konserthus. Equally at home on the piano, he cultivates a style of improvisation where the music is developing over long timespans, but also exploring hyper-rapid textures often approaching the borders of the instrument’s expression and including aspects as risk and vulnerability in the musical language.


Findlay//Sandsmark (F//S) is a performance company working across the disciplines of dance, theater, live music and video art in a collaborative and collective effort. Over the past few years they have created several productions in the borderland between performing arts and installation, bending connections and correlations over disciplines to create live art which resonates from a physical and emotional plane. The work has been presented regularly in Norway with Black Box Teater in Oslo, Bit Teatergarasjen in Bergen, and Avant Garden in Trondheim, and internationally at PS 122 Coil Festival and Abrons Arts Center in New York, On the Boards, Seattle, Wexner Center in Columbus, and Charlotte Street, Kansas City. F//S are behind the RIMI/IMIR platform and resident artists.