Gorrlaus Folk Music series Daniel Sandén-Warg & Per Anders Buen Garnås

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Gorrlaus Folk Music series
Daniel Sandén-Warg & Per Anders Buen Garnås

29. May @ 20.00 (Doors open @19.00)

Daniel Sandén-Warg: harding fiddle
Per Anders Buen Garnås: harding fiddle

Daniel Sandén-Warg has lived in Setesdal since 1998 where he has studied the culture in depth. Not only does he know most of the repertoire on hardanger fiddle and mouth harp, but he also knows the traditional work of the silversmith and is fluent in the Setesdal dialect. Sandén-Warg has studied the playing of Torleiv H. Bjørgum as well as Andres K. Rysstad through archive recordings. His most important teacher in Setesdal has been Hallvard T. Bjørgum. Sandén-Warg is a highly skilled fiddler and listener and has managed to get the very complex rhythmic and tonal details of the former hardanger fiddle pioneers into his own playing.

Per Anders Buen Garnås grew up in Bø in Telemark and picked up the hardanger fiddle at the age of 6, inspired by his uncles, who were no other than Hauk and Knut Buen. In addition to learning from them, he has learnt from a lot of renowned players in Telemark such as Einar Løndal, Eivind Mo, Anund Roheim, Bjarne Herrefoss, Olav K. Øyaland og Gunnar Innleggen. He has also spent a lot of time listening to archive recordings to learn from the players that had already passed away, like Johannes K. Dahle.

Per Anders Buen Garnås and Daniel Sandén-Warg released an astounding record called WARG/BUEN in 2008. This record documents two young folk musicians from two different regions with virtousity and great musicanship being common denominators. We are very exited to have Warg/Buen round off the Gorrlaus season before the summer. If you were ever concidering checking out what all the Norwegian folk music fuzz is about, this would be a very good oportunity. (and that’s a heavy understatement).

Gorrlaus is a concert series curated by Anders Hana which presents traditional folk music, along with music that takes tonal and rhythmic elements from folk music to create something new.

Gorrlaus is supported by Arts Council Norway, Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune.