Gorrlaus Folk Music Series Geir Egil Larsen, Einar Olav Larsen, Bjørn Aksdal + Tove Solheim

Gorrlaus Folk Music Series
Geir Egil Larsen, Einar Olav Larsen,
Bjørn Aksdal + Tove Solheim
15 February @ 20.00 (Doors open @19.00)

Geir Egil Larsen – Meråkerklarinett, tussefløyte, Åsengfløyta, seljefløyte, beinfløyte, bukkhorn (trompethorn)

Einar Olav Larsen – fiddle

Bjørn Aksdal – meråkerklarinett, østerdalsklarinett, spelmannsklarinett, chalumeau, tungehorn, and various wood-, bone-, and hornflutes

Tove Solheim – hardanger fiddle

Geir Egil Larsen and Bjørn Aksdal will present an array of lesser known traditional norwegian wind instruments. In 2009 they released a record together called “Meråkerklarinett i solo og samspel” . This record focused on the meråkerklarinett tradition in Nord-Trøndelag which almost died out but was kept alive by Harald Gilland in the 50s and 60s who in turn managed to pass this tradition on to the younger generation. Most of the instruments played by Larsen and Aksdal might not produce the typical sound one would connect with norwegian folk music. Yet, they are a part of the tradition and demonstrate that norwegian folk music might have a greater span than many would have thought. Einar Olav Larsen will accompany some of the instruments on fiddle.

Tove Solheim is a hardanger fiddle player based in Sand, Rogaland. She is working at the folk music archive there and is also teaching hardanger fiddle at the cultural school. Solheim will be playing music that will probably sound more familiar in this context, considering she is playing the most renowned traditional instrument. But not everyone is aware of that there is traditional music still existing in Rogaland. Despite of fiddle burnings and pietism the music has survived. Solheim’s main focus is the music from Suldal.

Gorrlaus is a concert series curated by Anders Hana which presents traditional folk music, along with music that takes tonal and rhythmic elements from folk music to create something new.

Gorrlaus is supported by Arts Council Norway, Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune.