Gorrlaus Folk Music series Per Gudmundson & Ola Bäckström + Stein Versto

Gorrlaus Folk Music series 
Per Gudmundson & Ola Bäckström + Stein Versto
21. March @ 20.00 (Doors open @19.00) 

Per Gudmundson: swedish bagpipe and fiddle

Ola Bäckström: fiddle

Stein Versto: hardanger fiddle

Per Gudmundson and Ola Bäckström will present music from Dalarna-county in Sweden, and more specifically Rättvik and Ore.  Per Gudmundson were a key figure in the revival of the Swedish bagpipe tradition and released the record “säckpipa” in 1983. Ola Bäckström is also included on this release, which is an impressive demonstration of the swedish bagpipe both solo and played together with hurdy-gurdy, fiddle and vocals. Many might think of Scotland and Ireland when bagpipes are mentioned. But bagpipes have existed for more than a thousand years in different shapes and forms and are beleived to have it’s origin in the middle east. The instrument is still played in many countries throughout the world.

Per Gudmundson and Ola Bäckström will perform one part of the concert with bagpipe and fiddle and the second part with two fiddles.

Stein Versto is a folk musician, writer and translater from Vinje in Telemark. He has learned hardanger fiddle playing from great names such as Bjarne Herrefoss, Kjetil Løndal and Eivind Mo. 2011 saw the release of Urjen, where Stein Versto is performing songs of Olav and Eivind Groven.

In 2019 he released the book, “Tonen frå heimlandet”,  on his own publishing house, “Uteksti” about  “Smedal spelemennene”. This concert will consist of both material from Olav and Eivind Groven and from Eiliv and Gunleik Smedal.

Gorrlaus is a concert series curated by Anders Hana which presents traditional folk music, along with music that takes tonal and rhythmic elements from folk music to create something new.

Gorrlaus is supported by Arts Council Norway, Stavanger Kommune and Rogaland Fylkeskommune.