Moving Words – 4 evenings composed by Mette Edvardsen – Friday 17 April 

Friday 17 April

• workshop with Itziar Okariz  @ 11.00 – 13.00
• Penelope Sleeps
by Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion @ 19.00 (*duration 90 minutes)
• Notes on blueby Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion @ 21.00 (*duration 10-15 minutes)

MOVING WORDS PASS – 4 Evening Pass

Penelope Sleeps by Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion

Penelope sleeps is an opera in essay form by Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion. The idea for this piece developed out from their first collaboration oslo (2017), a piece by Mette Edvardsen in which Matteo Fargion was invited to write music for a choir. A setting of one long text, the music played an important role in the piece, an anti-choir dispersed amongst the audience and without a conductor. In Penelope sleeps the experimental approach and work with the format of the medium is still in question. The relation between voice and music, space and scale are important, but perhaps rather than alluding to operatic images we think of drawing lines to trace a horizon. Opera as a starting point, a long hidden and shared secret desire to tackle this medium, although perhaps motivated slightly differently for each of them. The text is written in prose form, like an essay. Essay from the French essayer, means to try, to attempt. Opera in Italian means to work, to labour. In this attempt to work a space opens up, bringing the two artists into unknown landscapes while at the same time allowing them to pursue their own artistic paths.

Penelope sleeps – an opera by Mette Edvardsen & Matteo Fargion 

text: Mette Edvardsen music: Matteo Fargion 
performed by: Mette Edvardsen, Matteo Fargion and Angela Hicks 
light and technical support: Bruno Pocheron 
subtitling and production support: Cillian O’Neill 
production: Mette Edvardsen/Athome, Manyone 

co-production: Kaaitheater & Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), BUDA (Kortrijk), Black Box teater (Oslo), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim), BIT Teatergarasjen (Bergen), centre chorégraphique national de Caen in Normandie (France), apap-Performing Europe 2020 – a project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union 

Residency support: Black Box teater (Oslo), MDT (Stockholm), Kaaitheater (Brussels). Supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Norwegian Artistic Research Program – Oslo National Academy of the Arts 

Notes on blue by Mette Edvardsen and Matteo Fargion

As an appendix to the piece they have just made together, Notes on blue contains outtakes and afterthoughts, in text and in music.

Text: Mette Edvardsen.
Music: Matteo Fargion