No Balls (SE/NO) + Kjetil D Brandsdal

No Balls (SE/NO)
(in cooperation with ZANG:)
+ Kjetil D Brandsdal  

Avlyst/ Cancelled

4. APRIL @ 21.00


No Balls startet som et sideprosjekt av BRAINBOMB’s Anders Bryngelsson og Dan Råberg. Fra 2014 utviklet prosjektet seg til et fullt utviklet band, da også med David Gurrik (ANAL BABES) på gitar, Kjetil Brandsdal (NOXAGT) på bass, og Jan Christian Lauritzen (NOXAGT, BURNING AXIS) på trommer.


No Balls started as a side project of BRAINBOMB’s Anders Bryngelsson and Dan Råberg. From 2014 though, the project evolved to a full-fledged band with the addition of David Gurrik (ANAL BABES) on guitar, Kjetil Brandsdal (NOXAGT) on bass and Jan Christian Lauritzen (NOXAGT, BURNING AXIS) on drums. 

No Balls navigate a route-one course direct to the very essence of what it is about raucous guitars and drums that can (in the right hands) make you feel you should throw yourself around a room. Simple, direct, unrefined and with absolutely max-imal raw power. Dirgey repeato riff rock with a loose punky edge is always gonna make you swing. 

No Balls have a nihilistic outlook; you’re truly sucked into that wonderful vortex of slacker & rawer cyclic scuzz rifferama, flailing drums & general ecstatic dirge. A sort of new wave garage essence in there – relentless & derangedly repetitive, feral & loose attitude with feedbacking shards splintering your ears & slurred, garbled lyrics buried underneath the psychotic punk melee. 

..with No Balls..“failure and success are one and the same.” – The Quietus

Kjetil D Brandsdal has been a figure in the Norwegian experimental music circuit since the mid 90’s. He has appeared on more than 50 releases (on labels like Smalltown Supersound, Ecstatic Peace!, Voices of Wonder and more) either solo or in various band formats.