THE BRUISE BLUES OPEN(work in progress showing) – Dana Michel (CA)

Dana Michel (CA)

THE BRUISE BLUES OPEN (work in progress showing)
16. April @ 16.00 (doors open @ 15.30)

Dana Michel has had a work residency at Rimi/Imir for the past week and the public will get an insight into what she has been working on/with.

this is EXACTLY AND PRECISELY what i was writing about yesterday and thinking about just now. this is EXACTLY what my research proposal is about: this how damaging it is to us and our relationships and ultimately the whole planet…this habitualized “saying goodbye to ourselves”… like, how we supposed to get any of the REAL WORK done if we’re all spending the majority of our lives lying? how the fuck could we ever install any real sense of trust in ourselves and in eachother if we are all just constantly lying??? ooooohhhh girl, lemme put this meme in my grant proposal file yup uh huh