The Time Difference Of Arrival (work in progress sharing)–Fabrice Moinet (FR/NO)

Fabrice Moinet (FR/NO)
The Time Difference Of Arrival (work in progress sharing)
6-7 January @ 16.00-18.00 (doors open @ 15.30)

(Note–from 1-5 January it is possible to pop by the space for an informal introduction to the work in progress between 17.00-19.00 every day. Please call [+47 46 35 74 38] to be let in to the building).

“The Time Difference Of Arrival” is a performance where the traveling time of sound is in focus. It is a playground for several artistic practices to invite an audience into a 50 loudspeakers setup, for a journey driven by the fantasy and the concept of the speed of sound. Using text material, music composition, live sound production and measuring tools, performers and listener will be the witness of the traveling time aspect of sound. Bouncing between scientific resources and artistic propositions, the acknowledge of the nature of sound might open other perspectives for the listener. The sound might become a reference point from where we could place each other in time and space and how do we dream about sound with eyes open.