Workshop med Tony Orrico (US)

Workshop med Tony Orrico (US)
6 Februar @ 13.00-15.00 (-16.00 med mat)


Workshop with Tony Orrico (US)
6 February @ 13.00-15.00 (-16.00 with food)

Join visiting artist Tony Orrico in a choreographic research process informed by the work of Arawana Hayashi (Social Presencing Theater). SPT uses awareness-based practices to attune to the dynamics of social space and promote health and innovation inside systems. Considering the ways generative group processes can get stuck in preconceived notions, hierarchical orders, and habitual patterns of assertion, this process will investigate the space in between actions and a sustained sense of deference to the body and its ability “to know” to navigate group space and open up a shared sense of confidence and possibility. Something will emerge, understand its embodiment, and re-embody itself in this workshop.

Photo credit: Our Body In Interval (2021), Collaborative choreography: Tony Orrico, Alyssa Alber, Jaki Bass, Kara Bouck, Katherine Shamdin, Madison Holtz, and David Hurlin. Photos by Miranda Meyer